SMQ Charcoal Grill: The Perfect Portable BBQ Smoker for Outdoor Cooking

SMQ Charcoal Grill: The Perfect Portable BBQ Smoker for Outdoor Cooking

Are you tired of lugging around heavy and bulky BBQ grills for your outdoor cooking adventures? Look no further! The SMQ Charcoal Grill is here to revolutionize your grilling experience. With its portable and foldable design, this BBQ smoker is perfect for picnics, patio parties, and camping trips.

Portable and Foldable BBQ Grill

One of the standout features of the SMQ Charcoal Grill is its folding legs and handles. When folded, the grill measures a compact 23.4″ x 4.7″ x 15″ and weighs only 14.33 pounds. It’s equivalent to the size and weight of a suitcase, making it incredibly easy to transport. Whether you’re heading to the beach, park, or your friend’s backyard, this portable grill is a breeze to carry. It’s suitable for 5-10 people, making it the perfect companion for outdoor barbecues.

Simple Assembly

Gone are the days of spending hours assembling your BBQ grill. The SMQ Charcoal Grill can be set up in a matter of seconds. Simply unfold the legs, attach the grilling nets and fire bowl, and you’re ready to start grilling. It’s a great choice for camping trips where time is of the essence. With this grill, you can spend less time setting up and more time enjoying delicious grilled food.

Multi-purpose Charcoal Grill

The large-area grill net of the SMQ Charcoal Grill is not only perfect for grilling, but it can also be used with outdoor cooking utensils. You can fry steak, boil soup, or even cook a full meal while enjoying the smoky flavors of your barbecue. This versatility makes it a great choice for picnics and camping trips where you want to experiment with different cooking styles. With the SMQ Charcoal Grill, you can satisfy the needs of different tastes and preferences.

Easy to Clean & Store

Cleaning up after a barbecue can be a hassle, but not with the SMQ Charcoal Grill. The fire bowl features handles on both sides, allowing you to easily pour out the burnt charcoal once it has cooled down. No more struggling to clean out the grill! After use, simply fold the barbecue grill and store it in the included barbecue kits bag. It’s convenient to carry and saves valuable storage space in your garage or trunk.

Good Quality and Safe Material

The SMQ Charcoal Grill is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. Stainless steel is known for its wear resistance, heat resistance, and rust resistance, making it the perfect material for a portable grill. Additionally, it is harmless to people, ensuring a safe cooking experience for you and your loved ones. Invest in the SMQ Charcoal Grill and enjoy years of delicious outdoor cooking.


The SMQ Charcoal Grill is the ultimate solution for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its portable and foldable design, simple assembly, multi-purpose functionality, easy cleaning, and high-quality material make it a must-have for any barbecue lover. Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome grills and hello to the convenience and versatility of the SMQ Charcoal Grill. Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience today!