Orosound Tilde Pro Over-Ear Hybrid Bluetooth Office Headset (Pro-C Plus)

Orosound Tilde Pro Over-Ear Hybrid Bluetooth Office Headset (Pro-C Plus)

Orosound Tilde Pro Over-Ear Hybrid Bluetooth Office Headset (Pro-C Plus)

TILDE PRO鈥檚 unique design brings together elegance and customization. The patented selective noise-cancelling technology offers noise-free communication and a better focus to professionals, no matter how loud the environment is. Designed and made in France, the premium headset proposes a unique modular design with interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads and a detachable boom-microphone.

Customizable Design

With a detachable boom-microphone and interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads, TILDE PRO is the only office headset with a modular design. The four possible configurations allow each user to choose the design that perfectly fits their needs. The replaceable pieces make the product part of a sustainable approach, for a better cost in the long run.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy the most natural noise reduction while you choose how much noise you want to let in. Reduce noise up to -30dB to eliminate distractions and display the 鈥渃oncentration light鈥?on the headphones. TILDE PRO headphones integrate TILDE VOICE FIRST technology, whose unique signal processing algorithm separates voice from noise. With a simple press, start a face-to-face discussion while ambient noise is turned down. Finally, enjoy headphones that let you connect to your surroundings whenever you need to.

Wired or Wireless Connections

Wired or wireless connections are available on TILDE office headphones. TILDE PRO connects to all work equipment with the included USB Dongle with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C.

Noise Canceling Mic with Adjustable Sidetone

No longer will you have callers on the other end asking you to repeat yourself. The Orosound Tilde Pro has a great sounding microphone with enhanced noise cancellation.

Detachable Microphone

When you get off work and want to use the Orosound Tilde Pro for personal audio, simply detach the mic boom and now you have a personal pair of headphones. No longer will you need one headset for business and another for personal audio.

Active Noise Cancellation

The last thing you want to deal with is noise in an office, home environment, or coffee shop. Good news is the Orosound Tilde Pro has customizable ANC so you can fine-tune how much noise you want to let in.


One concern many customers have before they ever invest in a headset is compatibility. The Orosound Tilde Pro works with all leading UC call platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco, and many others. In the box is a proprietary USB Dongle that simply connects to your computer and gives you a more reliable connection vs pairing via Bluetooth. You also get the flexibility to connect with a mobile phone and seamlessly switch between your computer or mobile phone.

Voice First

When you’re in the zone listening to music and someone comes up to talk to you, it’s common to remove your headphones to hear. With Voice First, simply press a button on your headset and it opens the microphones for you to clearly hear who’s talking. When done, press the Voice First button again and you’re back to what you were listening to.


The Orosound Tilde Pro Over-Ear Hybrid Bluetooth Office Headset (Pro-C Plus) offers professionals a unique and customizable design with noise-free communication. With its modular design, users can choose the configuration that suits their needs. The headset provides excellent noise reduction and integrates TILDE VOICE FIRST technology for clear communication. It offers both wired and wireless connections, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms. The detachable microphone and customizable ANC add to the convenience and versatility of the headset. Experience the Tilde Pro and enhance your productivity in any environment.