MacGregor V-Foil Putter Yellow Jumbo Grip

MacGregor V-Foil Putter, Yellow, Jumbo Grip

MacGregor V-Foil Putter, Yellow, Jumbo Grip

Available in five popular head shape designs, the V FOIL putters each benefit from MacGergor’s ARC Tech face milling for improved roll and distance control. A variety of styles from traditional blade to high-MOI mallet, each putter features alignment markers for easy ball alignment and a choice of either traditional or thicker 3.0 parallel grip.

Key Features

  • Five popular head designs to suit the eye of all golfers
  • ARC Tech face milling provides improved roll and distance control
  • Alignment aids for easy ball alignment
  • Available with either a premium traditional grip or thicker 3.0 parallel grip
  • Putters available: 001, 002, 003*, 004, 005 MRH (*available in Left Hand version)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I choose the grip size?

Yes, you can choose between a traditional grip or a thicker 3.0 parallel grip.

2. Are left-handed versions available for all head designs?

Left-handed versions are available for the 003 head design.

3. How does the ARC Tech face milling improve roll and distance control?

The ARC Tech face milling on the V-Foil putters creates a consistent and precise surface, resulting in better roll and distance control for more accurate putts.


The MacGregor V-Foil Putter, Yellow, Jumbo Grip offers golfers a range of options to improve their putting game. With five head designs, ARC Tech face milling, and alignment aids, this putter provides the tools needed for better roll and distance control. Choose between a traditional or thicker grip to suit your preference. Elevate your putting performance with the MacGregor V-Foil Putter.