Foldacrutch Black Lightweight Folding Crutches

Foldacrutch Black Lightweight Folding Crutches

Foldacrutch Black Lightweight Folding Crutches

The Foldacrutch offers a stable, comfortable and convenient helping hand for those struggling with their balance. Whether through injury or illness, being unsteady on your feet can quickly lead to a lack of confidence when walking. The Foldacrutch helps you to avoid the stress and strain of struggling without assistance, with a smart folding construction for ease of storage.


Comfortable Design

The Foldacrutch is designed to be more comfortable than regular crutches with extended use. The Velcro cuff strap is softer on your upper arm compared to a plastic cuff, while the rubber grip handle is kinder to your hands and wrists.

Adjustable Height

Motion Healthcare have made the Foldacrutch an accessible walking aid for all thanks to the 9-hole push-pin height adjustments. And with a maximum user weight of 121kg, these folding crutches are suitable for larger users, too.

Durable and Reliable

The extra durable ferrule at the tip of the Foldacrutch offers reliable traction for peace of mind.


  • Unfolded length: Shortest from handgrip 72cm / 28″, Longest 91cm / 3ft
  • Folded length: 51cm / 20″
  • Ferrule: 5cm / 2″
  • Elbow strap to handgrip 23cm / 9″
  • Length of handle 11cm
  • Sold as a pair of crutches


Are the crutches sold individually or as a pair?

The Foldacrutch is sold as a pair of crutches.

Is the cuff strap adjustable?

Yes, the cuff strap is adjustable and features a Velcro closure for a secure and comfortable fit.

Can the crutches be folded for easy storage?

Yes, the Foldacrutch has a smart folding construction for ease of storage. C-clips are included to hold the crutches together when folded.


The Foldacrutch Black Lightweight Folding Crutches provide a stable and comfortable walking aid for individuals struggling with their balance. With its adjustable height, soft cuff strap, and rubber grip handle, it offers enhanced comfort during extended use. The durable ferrule ensures reliable traction, while the folding design allows for easy storage. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with an illness, the Foldacrutch is a convenient and reliable solution to regain your confidence and independence.