Arm Hand Tool – Labor Saving Arm

Arm Hand Tool – Labor Saving Arm

Arm Hand Tool – Labor Saving Arm

Are you tired of straining your back while lifting heavy doors and wooden panels? Look no further! The Arm Hand Tool is here to save the day. With its innovative design and ergonomic features, this tool will make your lifting tasks a breeze.

Introducing the Arm Hand Tool

The Arm Hand Tool is a labor-saving device specifically designed for lifting heavy objects such as doors and wooden panels. It consists of a 15-inch height regulator and a sturdy arm that provides the necessary support and stability.

Key Features:

  • Height regulator for easy adjustment
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Easy to use and maneuver

How Does It Work?

The Arm Hand Tool works by utilizing the principle of leverage. By adjusting the height regulator to the desired position, you can easily lift heavy objects without straining your back. The sturdy arm provides the necessary support, ensuring a safe and efficient lifting experience.

Benefits of Using the Arm Hand Tool:

  • Prevents back injuries
  • Saves time and effort
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces the risk of damage to doors and panels

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can the Arm Hand Tool be used for lifting other objects?
  2. While the Arm Hand Tool is primarily designed for lifting doors and wooden panels, it can also be used for lifting other heavy objects with a flat surface.

  3. Is the height regulator easy to adjust?
  4. Yes, the height regulator can be easily adjusted to the desired position by simply turning the knob.

  5. Is the Arm Hand Tool suitable for professional use?
  6. Absolutely! The Arm Hand Tool is widely used by cabinet makers, carpenters, and other professionals in the woodworking industry.


The Arm Hand Tool is a game-changer for anyone involved in the woodworking industry. Its labor-saving design and ergonomic features make lifting heavy objects a breeze. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to increased productivity with the Arm Hand Tool.